Washington D.C.
Gay Flag Football League
"Get off the bench and get in the game!"

DCGFFL All Star Game

Kick off DC Pride Week with a Night Out with the Washington Valor and the DCGFFL! Come see your favorite DCGFFL All Stars play at the Verizon Center. then watch the Washington Valor take on the Cleveland Gladiators on Saturday June 3rd!

The DCGFFL All Star game will take place between 2pm – 4pm. During half time of the All Star Game any DCGFFL League member can show their talents in our own Punt, Pass and Kick and Run Competition! Find out the DCGFFL’s best kickers, strongest arms and legs and who are our fastest players.

After the All Star Game enjoy The Washington Valor, part of the Arena Football League, square off against the Cleveland Gladiators at 7pm. Limited tickets will be available for the Bud Light Party zone. $49.00 will not only get you into the games but while you’re watching the Valor it will get you all you can drink Beer and Wine as well a Buffet of snacks. The Bud Light Party Zone will be available from 6pm until the end of the 3rd Quarter however tickets for this option must be purchased by phone. Please call Shanda Anderson at 202-266-2262.

We look forward to this huge event at the Verizon Center on Saturday, June 3rd and the opportunity to bring our communities together to enjoy a day of Football!!

Here are the deets on purchasing tickets for this awesome event – 

1. The first 100 DCGFFL Season XIV members will pay $10 to get into the game. Find a board member on the fields on Sundays OR pay directly through this Paypal link. Buy your tickets TODAY – this event will sell out!
2. Call Shanda Anderson at 202-266-2262 to purchase all inclusive tickets including an open bar & buffet experience! Just mention you are with the DCGFFL All Star Game group and she should be able to help out.

3. Non-affiliated members can purchase tickets through this link directly.

Any questions? please email Joe Heron at jpheron616@gmail.com

Your DCGFFL All Stars! 

Team Uproar:

Matt Cline
AJ Reust
Matt Sauer
Sam Brown
Jens Piferoen
Pedro Suarez
Amanda Livingston
Jordan Anderson
Greg Carter
Sean Karson
John Clemons
Antwon Hines
Mark Hofberg
Rudy Legg-Benivedas
Chris McCloud
William Lipovsky

Team Blade:

Bill Cammas
CJ Babb
Steve Gong
Barry Mauck
Miles Simpson
James Rowe
Sergio Villegas
Oliver Jacob
Andy Hackbarth
Vinnie DeRight
Nolan Lazarus
Josh Richards
Alonzo Mable
Levert James
Baxter O’Brien
Drew Halunen