Washington D.C.
Gay Flag Football League
"Get off the bench and get in the game!"

Elections & Awards

The seven board positions are listed below. Terms are 1 year long, with staggered election cycles between Fall and Spring seasons.  Commissioner, Communications, and At-Large selected in summer; Treasurer, Social, Players, and Operations are selected in winter. 

  • Commissioner (Currently: Michael Zgoda)
    • The Commissioner is the Chair of the League, responsible for overseeing generally the League’s operations.
    • They communicate with Board members on their goals, timelines, and budgets.
    • They communicate with league membership, and provide updates to the Board members on the state of the league.
    • They organize elections for the Commissioner and Board members.
    • They work with the Budget and Legal Director to ensure strategic goals are set and budgets are created annually that comport with the goals and missions of the DCGFFL.
  • Director of Communications (Currently: Jim Roll)
    • The Director of Communications coordinates with all Board members on providing the appropriate content for the website to address including, but not limited to, schedules, events, updates and any pertinent information deems appropriate by the Board.
    • They send bi-weekly updates to the league membership about upcoming league events, maintain the DCGFFL websites, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts to include updated and current information regarding team scores, game schedules, brackets, etc., and manage incoming emails.
  • Director At-Large (Currently: Darryl Pilate)
    • The Director At-Large provides general support to other members of the DCGFFL Board as needed before, during, and at the conclusion of each season
    • They have, historically, supported the league with its referees by developing prospective volunteer referees from league membership, organizing weekly referee schedules, interfacing with volunteer referees, including, but not limited to, facilitating payment, training and teaching NGFFL rules.
  • Director of Players (Currently: TJ Baggett)
    • The Director of Players is the vice-Chair of the League and serves as the liaison between players and the DCGFFL Board.
    • They are responsible for handling player recruitment, registration, new player workshops, tryouts, and discipline.
    • Previous Directors of Players have also helped run the Recreation League and have fulfilled various other tasks as needed.
  • Treasurer (Currently: Ryan Dillon)
    • The Treasurer will ensure the League is operating in compliance with 501(c)3 rules, manage league finances, file taxes, as well aid other Board members with ancillary tasks (e.g. previous
    • Treasurers have organized special fundraisers, have assisted the Social Director with lining up league sponsors, and help ensure that apparel and awards are ordered on time.
  • Social Director (Currently: Mark Summerside)
    • The Social Director works with businesses and organizations to obtain sponsorships the DCGFFL.
    • They also organize social functions before, during, and at the conclusion of each season with support of the rest of the DCGFFL
  • Director of Operations (Currently: JJ Johnson)
    • The Director of Operations is the liaison with District of Columbia officials to obtain permits for fields.
    • They also inventories equipment to ensure that the League is sufficiently supplied for game day operations and organizes set up and break down of playing fields on game days.


Charlie Salem Award. Members of the DCGFFL will be asked to vote for the Charlie Salem Award, the League’s highest honor. The Charlie Salem Award is given to the person who has impacted the success and perpetuity of the league, has demonstrated strong commitment to his/her team, and has embodied the attributes of a good sport. This person has also played the game skillfully and is a leader both on and off the field. Past recipients include JJ Johnson (2010); Brandon Waggoner (2011); Chris Cormier (2012); Sean Bartel (2013); Barry Mauck (2014); Sam Smallwood and Sean Wilkerson (2015); Steve Gong (2016); Samuel Brown (2017); Brian Hotchkiss (2018); Joe Heron (2019). Nominees will be suggested by the Captains.

John Boyd Ally Award.  Boyd was an incredible ally to the community.  Though he didn’t identify as LGBTQ+, he lifted our community up through his actions, leading on and off the field, and demonstrating all the best qualities of allyship. His big smile and bigger heart never failed to elevate and uplift his teammates in competitive camaraderie and fast friendship.  This award is seasonally given to the player who best represents the qualities of an ally.

Michael “Snowy” Snowden Sportsmanship Award.  Snowy demonstrated all the best qualities of a team player, on and off the field.  He was a genuine joy to have on your team; he went out of his way to provide positive support to and be inclusive of not just his own team members, but everyone in the league whose path crossed his.  This award is seasonally given to the player who best represent these qualities of sportsmanship.