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Gay Flag Football League
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Elections & Charlie Salem Award

4 positions are open for the DCGFFL Board.  Elected members will serve for seasons 16 and 17.

Voting is now OPEN for the open DCGFFL Board positions. Voting will close on Friday November 17th at 8pm. You must have played in Season 14 and/or 15 to be eligible to vote (please provide your email on the voting form as your verification). Any duplicate votes or votes without a valid email address will not be counted. All vote counting will be performed independently by Team DC. Winners will be announced on Sunday at the closing party.

Below are the Statements of each Candidate! Please take a look and vote HERE!

Treasurer (5 candidates):

The Treasurer will ensure the league is operating in compliance with 501(c)3 rules, manage league books, file taxes, help dealing with sponsors and fundraisers, and handle apparel.

JC Chiuco

My involvement with the league: I’m JC, I have played since the great ice bowl of Season X.  I’ve also captained in rec league and started reffing. You might recognize me as the guy with face paint, tongue out always.

My qualifications: In my professional life, I have managed multi-million dollar budgets, both in private and non-profit sectors.  I have planned and forecasted budgets, including making adjustments as business conditions demand.  I have also created profit and loss statements and balance sheets.  I’ve worked on contracts, managed billing and payables.  My experience also includes work on preparing tax returns.  I also know a lot about non-profits and the relevant regulations and practices regarding financials and business operations.

Why I’m running: Joining DCGFFL was one of the best decisions I have made.  My experience with the league has been nothing short of amazing! Through the league, I have made lifelong friends.  These friendships mean a lot to me and have helped me grow as a person on and off the field.  This season, my experience came full circle.  A player from the rec league team I captained told me how grateful he was for the league and how it changed his life and allowed him to meet his best friends. I was inspired by his story and I want to help the league by running for treasurer.  The league has had such a tremendous impact on my life and I want to give back to the community so others can have the same experience I have had.

Being a treasurer is not just about paying bills and managing the finances.  It’s also about managing resources and making sure the league has everything it needs so we can all keep having fun on and off the field.  I hope you consider voting for me so I can give back to our DCGFFL community.

Stephen Hiebing

I believe I’d be great for the role, as it’s something I already do in my day-to-day job. In managing funds for commercial real-estate, I always find creative ways to fund our next acquisition and ensure that assets we already own, perform to investor expectations. If elected, I would use those same skills to ensure that the league is able to financially support operations, and achieve the goals set out by the board.

I’m fairly new to the league, but in the short time I’ve been in the DCGFFL, all the people involved have become like family to me. I want to use the skills that I’ve acquired in my professional experience, and use them to help ensure that the league I have quickly grown to love, thrives.

Michael Osorio 

I am Michael Osorio and I am running to become the next DCGFFL Treasurer. Over the past six seasons, I have grown with the DCGFFL organization.

I feel that I am qualified to serve as treasurer because of my past and current positions. As a budget analyst, I am familiar with accounting principles. I also have experience managing the finances of a non-profit organization with an annual operating budget of over multimillion.

I am extremely well organized and a responsible person. I believe the role of Treasurer for DCGFL is very important to maintain its success. I give my assurance that I would perform in a competent and sincere way if I am selected.

Thank you for your support.

James Santos

With over 10 years of financial and acquisition experience, I believe I will be an excellent selection as your league treasurer.

I have managed large dollar contracts (inclusive of their funding) and purchase card programs for a multitude of federal agencies with ease, finesse, and professional savvy. Throughout my career I have excelled at planning, organizing, prioritizing and carrying out my own work with diverse and competing priorities, effectively and efficiently. I have utilized various office automation tools in order to accomplish assigned tasks successfully and ahead of schedule. By utilizing these tools, I have remained organized in accomplishing my assigned duties while maintaining flexibility when emergency and last minute requirements arise.

As Treasurer, I will perform in an ethically sound manner as efficient and as transparent as possible.

Pedro Suarez

For those that don’t know me – I’m Pedro Suárez and I’m running to be your DCGFFL 2018 Treasurer.

  • A few years ago, I encouraged a cute midwestern boy to join the league so he could play his favorite sport. He fell in love with it.
  • This past spring, I decided to give football a try and joined the league. I fell in love with it.
  • A few months ago, I encouraged my nephew to join the league after recently moving to DC. He’s fallen in love with it.

Football is what drew us to the league but it’s the friendships and camaraderie that has made it great!  It’s because of what the league has grown to be for us, and similarly for others, that I want to help keep the league moving forward.

Having developed and managed expenditure allocations for numerous political campaigns, I’m confident in being able to fulfill the Treasurer’s responsibilities. If elected, I look forward to continuing the excellent work Tom Loughran has done and working with the larger team to improve upon the league’s success.

Director of Players (3 Candidates):

The Director of Players is the liaison between players the DCGFFL Board. They are responsible for handling player recruitment, registration, new player workshops, tryouts,  and discipline.

Andy Hackbarth

This league has given me tons and I want to give back to it. As someone who has come out of their shell a lot due to the league, I feel like I am in the position to help make a difference.

I can offer a voice of reason to the board (not that it doesn’t have it already). With the primary role of the Director of Players being resolving player disputes and issues, I feel like I can offer a tough, yet fair opinion to the board. As someone who gets along with most people in the league, and hopefully has their respect, I think I can offer a neutral perspective on disputes and resolve them.

Additionally, as someone relatively new, I know what it’s like being a new player in such a massive organization. While returning veterans is key, it is imperative that the DCGFFL continue to bring in new people and strive to expand. Speaking from experience, the league has had a tremendous impact on my life and I hope that we can continue to have that effect on new players year in and year out.

Gregg Lilienfield

At the conclusion of my second season with DCGFFL, I reflect on all the new friends and experiences that I have had and have a sense of family & belonging. I have been a member of several Stonewall league’s as a player and captain over the years, yet none
have brought me as much pleasure as being a part of the DCGFFL family. That’s exactly what our league is, a family. A dysfunctional one at times when a call goes the wrong way, yet a strong one in all. The camaraderie and friendships that are built are why this league keeps growing and thriving as many of you have seen far longer than I.

I am running for Director of Players for one simple reason. I have come to love this league, what is stands for, the amazing individuals who make it a family and simply want to pay back to the league I call home.

Thank you for your consideration.

Mecha Santos

I am running for the Director of Players in the Fall 2017 DCGFFL elections. I have been involved in the league as a player, captain, and referee since Spring 2012. I have extended my commitment to the league as a travel player, representing the DCGFFL in tournaments as a member of the Senators for the past four years as defensive captain. The league has been a very important part of my life and has allowed me to establish lifelong friends, thrive in an athletic and social environment, and hang out with great, entertaining, and caring people once a week.

I am committed to maintaining the integrity of the position as a true voice of the players in the league expanding our recruitment and retention strategies, organizing registration and new player workshops, and handling player discipline in an effective unbiased manner. Due to my strength in time management and multitasking I can effectively handle multiple responsibilities in different aspects of my professional and personal life.

I am aware of the time and commitment this position requires and I fully embrace the challenge and am excited about what I can bring to the board and how it can benefit the league. I want to put back into the league all of the great things it has given me so that others can have the same and even better experiences than me.

Social Director (1 Candidate):

The Social Director is responsible for, along with the Treasurer, working with businesses and organizations on league sponsorships for Seasons 16 and 17. They also handle creating and promoting all league events.

Vincent Culliver

When I joined the DCGFFL this past season, I was met with warmth, and kindness. I’ve seen how the league has allowed for many diverse individuals to intermingle and make connections. If selected to be Social Director, I’d expand on my predecessors’ successes on making DCGFFL a place for all to come and enjoy. For me, DCGFFL represents a fraternity of LGBT+Allies bonding with one another and sharing memorable moments.

For me, initially, I only joined the league to see men get aggressive and amped up on testosterone. But that quickly changed to a more wholesome desire to meet and bond with members of my team as well other teams in the league. I’ve greatly enjoyed my time in the league and hope to share my enjoyment with current members of the league, and people who are contemplating joining the league. As southern boy, I take pride in hospitality and kindness. I hope to share those traits with current and future league members if elected as Social Director.

Thank you dearly for your time.

Director of Fields (1 Candidate):

The Director of Fields is responsible for dealing with city officials for use of fields, handling field equipment, and setting up and breaking down on Game Day.

Kyle McKinney

Greetings. My name is Kyle and I would like to keep help keep this league a D.C. powerhouse. As Director of Fields, I hope to raise our experience to a new level. We are a league of fashion and our fields need to show that. I hope to look in to making the fields more appealing during playoffs and also elements throughout the season as well.

Charlie Salem Award

The Charlie Salem Award is the DCGFFL’s highest honor and is given to the person who has impacted the success and perpetuity of the league, has demonstrated strong commitment to his/her team, and has embodied the attributes of a good sport. This person has also played the game skillfully and is a leader both on and off the field. Past recipients include JJ Johnson (2010); Brandon Waggoner (2011); Chris Cormier (2012); Sean Bartel (2013); Barry Mauck (2014); Sam Smallwood and Sean Wilkerson (2015); and Steve Gong (2016). Nominees were and are suggested by the Captains. However, feel free to write in your own nominees.

This year’s nominees are:

Sam Brown

Joe Heron

Patrick Kozak

Kevin Smiffy