Washington D.C.
Gay Flag Football League
"Get off the bench and get in the game!"

Power Rankings

Season XIV – Playoff Preview (Author: The Commish) - May 13, 2017

  1. Take Olive It (Olive) (10-0):

    I’ve waited 2 years for this moment to make a good
    ol’ Prince Albert joke and y’all had to ruin it by making me talk
    about 2nd ever undefeated season blah blah blah.  With Brice’s
    achilles injury, it’ll be tough for Cammas to pierce his way to a 4th

  2. Scarlett O'HeyBoys (Crimson) (9-1):

    I definitely preferred when all AJ was to me was
    ‘that weird looking guy over there with his shirt off”.  My last act
    as Commish?  Declaring Treasurer Tom Loughran didn’t meet the 5 game
    minimum game requirement this season.  #FyreFestivalGoneWorse

  3. Lime Lick Maneuver (Lime) (8-2):

    Sexual Harrassment Panda told me I’m not allowed to
    talk about RJ so I’m just going to mention that a handful of their
    players could actually be vampires.  It’ll be interesting to see if
    anyone is able to put a stake through this team’s heart this weekend.

  4. Rose Before Hoes (Pink) (7-3):

    This might be the most boo’ed up team I’ve ever
    played on which might explain the recent skid.  Master Splinter Brett
    Chambers has been giving us all the inspirational GIFs this week, so I
    feel confident that I’ll be able to peace out this joint with my first

  5. Lit AF (Charcoal) (7-3):

    Pretty sure this team watched Wrestlemania
    together as a team-bonding event, they’re so bruh-tastic.  It might
    explain how Kory ended up in a headlock in handing Pink their first

  6. Jew Kids on the Block (Royal) (7-3):

    This team was chomping at the bit to be the dark
    horse (can I say that, Jamar?), but as much as this team has improved
    over the course of the season, I think they will get bit by a tough
    Lime matchup.  Happy Mother’s Day Mrs. Hofberg!

  7. Irish Creamers (Kelly) (8-2):

    I have to be careful about trashing this team too
    much, since they are in my side of the bracket.  So, I’ve asked my
    fiancé to come watch our potential matchup and direct a wide-zoom lens
    on CJ’s waist the entire game

  8. Blac Chyna (Black) (7-3):

    The team that sleeps together wins together?   Maybe
    the DCGFFL next season will print names and numbers on all the jerseys
    like Jordan did for his team.  I’m sure Randy can come up with 260+
    cute nicknames.

  9. Ca$h me outSKY (Sky Blue) (6-4):

    This is my favorite team because of all the
    reffing help they’ve given us this season.  But after I retire, I’ll
    just go back to hating each and every one of them all the same.  What
    a prick, that Andy Pratt

  10. Dandy Lions (Yellow) (5-5):

    This team gave Crimson a little bit of a scare in
    the first half with only 7 players last week.  The whole league is
    talking about Rachel’s double move on her TD Run-and-Catch.  This team
    is a wild-card come the playoffs (and also incredibly boring to make
    fun of).

  11. Squirtle Squad (Cerulean) (4-6):

    Well at least JC got a cute stuffed animal out of it?

  12. Hardwood Forest (Forest) (3-7):

    They would have won 5 games this season if they
    let Marvin throw underhand every play.

  13. No TEAl No Shade (Teal) (3-7):

    I can’t wait to see what Randy stitched up with all
    of our extra cleat bags.  DMitch is having a nice debut as a backup
    QB, and lucky us! We will be hearing about it for the next 6 months.

  14. Cockwerq Orange (Orange) (3-7):

    The board voted this week to buy Mabray’s one-way
    ticket to Boston.  You’re welcome, DCGFFL.

  15. Kung Fuchsia (Fuchsia) (2-8):

    My dog just farted when I was trying to come up
    with something to say about this team, and that just about says it

  16. Vio-LIT (Violet) (2-8):

    Pearce seems a bit over it.  Funny, that’s how
    we’ve all felt about him for 2 years.

  17. SUB-Marines (Navy) (1-9):

    You guys get an A for effort, although this won’t be
    the first time Shealy will get called out for trying too hard.

  18. White Russians (White) (3-7):

    So I bet Andy $50 halfway thru the season that they
    wouldn’t win a single game and then they won 3.  Including against
    Pink (I wasn’t there)!  WTF!  Yeah maybe the commish shouldn’t be
    betting real money on these types of things, but with Team Hangover
    over here, I thought it was pretty safe.

  19. bREDskins (Red) (1-9):

    Speaking of… How did they win a game?  All of that
    veteran talent, and they don’t even want to show up to play with QB
    Jon.  I was going to try to not call him out, but then I found out
    he’s a Pens fan so – F* him.