Washington D.C.
Gay Flag Football League
"Get off the bench and get in the game!"

Power Rankings

Season XVII – Week 3 (Author: Vincent Culliver) - October 11, 2018

  1. daffoDILFS (Power Yellow) (3 - 0):

    Santos is 3-0…ahhhh, that explains why I haven’t heard his voice on the fields.

    Say It Like It Is Iyanla Vanzant GIF by OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network - Find & Share on GIPHY

  2. Biscuits and Navy (Navy) (3 - 1):

    Not sure who has skipped the humble pie option for dessert more: Kanye West or Eddie Guerra?

  3. L.I.M.E. (Neon Green) (2 - 1):

    Me witnessing Jordan Anderson doing the Lord’s work on the field Sunday:

  4. Hungter Green (Hunter Green) (3 - 1):

    ATTENTION: Don’t fall asleep while playing this mellow/chill team. Clay’s clan of quiet mice will come for that wig and get that win.

  5. Magnums (Gold) (3 - 1):

    How Twon and AJ show platonic affection towards each other:

  6. Crimson Ride (Crimson) (2 - 1):

    Me looking for stats for Pedro:

  7. Doomsday PrEPpers (Columbia Blue) (2 - 1):

    My formal response to Jere Bear copying and pasting my Cake Monsters roster (from last season) to make his team this season:

  8. Purple Parrots (Purple) (2 - 1):

    Mecha be like: “Luke’s leg is in terrible shape, he can barely walk, poor thing!!!!”

    Luke be like: 

  9. Nevernudes (Power Blue) (2 - 1):

    You can do ittttt!!!! Go Karson!

  10. Silver Fox Holes (Silver) (2 - 1):

    I ain’t sayin’ a damn thang!!!

  11. Green Eggs and Cammas (Kelly Green) (2 - 2):

    Japinga the Gentle Giant Gem after a long day of getting Touchdowns that simply aren’t enough:

  12. Reddy, Ready, Red (Red) (2 - 2):

    Hofberg and Boyd, a power couple no more?….As we say down south, “All hat and no cattle.”

  13. X’s and Hoes (Royal Blue) (1 - 2):

    When a seasoned player like Derrick Johnson is out for the remainder of the season, it’s up to the rookies to fill in that void (see my glow up when everyone and their mama got injured on James Santos’ Season XV Banana Grabbers)

    Show us whatchu got Leah!!

  14. Tealbaggers (Teal) (1 - 2):

    Me, trying to stay cool, calm and collected, yet still bougie, as my team loses to Gold in Overtime:

  15. Plain White Tease (White) (1 - 2):

    Remember the good ol’ days when Sanders could win when he was QB?

  16. The Shock Tops (Power Orange) (1 - 3):

    Javi looking for his rushers:

  17. Grill on Grill Action (Charcoal) (0 - 3):

    Live footage of me FB stalking Charcoal’s roster:

  18. Rosé All Day! (Pink) (0 - 3):

    0-3?? Oh, wow, ok… well, uh, maybe they should put the Rose down and get just one good win in!

  19. Bringing Sexy Black (Black) (1 - 2):

  20. Flamin' Hot Cheeto Dust (Orange) (0 - 3):

    Oh my, with Kyle out the rest of the season, they may be as dust as the Republicans controlling the House after the midterm elections.