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Power Rankings

The Kozak-less Power Rankings — Season 18 Barely Legal by R.J. Martin - April 17, 2019

  1. S18 - Disrespectful Wit It (Gold) (7-0):

    What can one say about this team that hasn’t already been said about AJ’s hair? Sure, it appears to be legit but does anyone really expect it to last?

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  2. S18 - Pulp Friction (Orange) (6-1):

    DAMMIT CLAY. I’m too scared to ever open my phone in public now


  3. S18 - Gettin' Piggy With It (Pink) (6-1):

    It’s 2019 and Kirk Yancey out here juking like he’s 90s Will Smith

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  4. S18 - PurPaul's Drag Race (Purple) (5-2):

    Pearce, Hofberg and Co. have been playing smart all season and quietly racking up the wins. No small task when you have Motormouth Marlon and Will Lips-ovsky in the squad.

  5. S18 - Grab My Graphite (Graphite) (5-2):

    Graphite has everyone bringing a little something to the table. Daniel & Cam have the raw talent, Tackney has the baked goods, and Jim Connolly has the AARP benefits

  6. S18 - Not Today Satan (Red) (3-4):

    This team would be my dark horse pick for the playoffs if Austin Plier ever decides to show up

  7. S18 - A Team Has No Name (Forest Green) (4-3):

    No Name but soon A Team will have a losing record

  8. S18 - Limey Wankers (Lime) (2-5):

    Mr. Commissioner told me I wasn’t allowed to make fun of Daddy Joe this week, so shout out to Jens Piferoen always coming through with the stocked craft beer cooler every weekend! You know how much I love a good IPA

  9. S18 - Navy Gravy (Navy) (2-5):

    Like most things Vincent says, I had to look up what Navy Gravy means on Urban Dictionary

  10. S18 - ClapBlacks (Black) (2-5):


    Brian Hotchkiss:

  11. S18 - Rust and Bust (Maroon) (2-5):

    Awww, it’s so cute when this team plays a good game

  12. S18 - LTBA (Baby Blue) (2-5):

    Whoever had to ref with both Honeycutt and Dameron on the field deserves a goddamn medal

  13. S18 - Wicked Bitches of the West (Kelly) (2-5):

    Randy’s sideline Irish jig was the most impressive thing anyone on this team did last Sunday

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  14. S18 - Sexual Tealing (Teal) (1-6):

    Really not sure why this team is playing so badly with the personnel they have, but hey, at least you can get your commemorative Marvin Gaye stamps