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Power Rankings

The Kozak-less Power Rankings — Season 18 Barely Legal - April 10, 2019

  1. S18 - Disrespectful Wit It (Gold) (6-0):

    Cute on screen action between Twon and Reust, recorded by Bartel. How about
    something like this for part 2:

  2. S18 - Gettin' Piggy With It (Pink) (5-1):

    The Chosen Team:

  3. S18 - Pulp Friction (Orange) (5-1):

    mmmm. Listen, when I say, there are some snacks on this team roster that I find quite, QUITE
    proper. What’s up Orange? Mixer?
    #TeamBDE #AwkwardYetCuteMixedBoys

  4. S18 - PurPaul's Drag Race (Purple) (5-1):

    I’m actually at a loss for words for this team!! (yes, Vincent, at a loss for words, it’s possible)

    Jimmy Fallon Lol GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Find & Share on GIPHY


  5. S18 - Grab My Graphite (Graphite) (4-2):

    Big fan of this team! My reaction when their team screamer (who will remain curly headed and
    anonymous) tries to regulate:

  6. S18 - A Team Has No Name (Forest Green) (4-2):




  7. S18 - Wicked Bitches of the West (Kelly) (2-4):

    Regardless of their record, after Snight slayed at the midseason party, there’s one thing I can



  8. S18 - Not Today Satan (Red) (2-4):

    We now turn to live footage of me, (dressed hoesihly of course) feeding dust to Hunt and
    whoever else on Red that was chasing me as I made that 100 yard sprint to get the TD for Navy!

  9. S18 - ClapBlacks (Black) (2-4):

    Uh Oh, looks like the ClapBlacks were silenced on Sunday.

    Dragons Den Shut Up GIF by CBC - Find & Share on GIPHY


  10. S18 - LTBA (Baby Blue) (2-4):

    Nene Leakes said it best:

  11. S18 - Limey Wankers (Lime) (2-4):

    Might be time to stop wanking and get to work, Lime!

  12. S18 - Sexual Tealing (Teal) (1-5):

    Looks like Tealing actually needs Healing.

    I’m here to offer my services because:

  13. S18 - Navy Gravy (Navy) (1-5):

    The Squids overcame an unfortunate losing streak to yank Binder and the rest of Not Today
    Satan’s wigs.

  14. S18 - Rust and Bust (Maroon) (1-5):

    YAASSS! Come thru with a comeback Maroon!!