Washington D.C.
Gay Flag Football League
"Get off the bench and get in the game!"

Power Rankings

Season XIV – Week 4 (Authors: Terry Yaki & Gay.J. Reust) - April 6, 2017

  1. Scarlett O'HeyBoys (Crimson) (5 - 0):

    Terry Yaki: Crimson’s defense, especially newcomer Mark’s 3 INTs made their opponent bleed.  Best team PERIOD?

    GayJ:  Crimson’s QB is something else.  I mean if he can win with this cast of nobodies, he can win with anyone.

  2. Take Olive It (Olive) (6 - 0):

    Terry Yaki: Olive won both games but squeaked out a win over Cerulean.  Defenses, listen up….QB BC runs in most of this extra points.

    GayJ:  Olive, go away.  Just lose already.

  3. Rose Before Hoes (Pink) (5 - 0):

    Terry Yaki: Captain BC has led this team to an undefeated mark….perhaps everyone is distracted B/C he’s not wearing underwear.  DECOY.

    GayJ:  I haven’t worn underwear once and nobody has seemed to notice…

  4. Lime Lick Maneuver (Lime) (5 - 1):

    Terry Yaki:  Did someone put margaritas in the end zone for Barry?  Looks like it werq’ed.

    GayJ:  Lime is looking dangerous, shout out to my fellow “100% straight” QB Bryan Sanders.  Both of us are “really good” at being QB and being straight.

  5. Squirtle Squad (Cerulean) (3 - 2):

    Terry Yaki:  The Squirtles had the lead over undefeated Olive at halftime, but extra points hurt and they lost by one, but their stock went up!  Recommend bring a Daddie cheer squad out to the game…it help or distract Alonzo.

    GayJ:  Tough loss, maybe Jim should try running in some of those extra points.

  6. Jew Kids on the Block (Royal) (3 - 2):

    Terry Yaki:  This team won without Jamar who was off in Mexico getting engaged.  Maybe this team needs an engagement every weekend?  Who’s next?  *cough* Hofberg

    GayJ: Maybe this team just doesn’t need Jamar…

  7. Dandy Lions (Yellow) (3 - 2):

    Terry Yaki:  Beat undefeated Charcoal in a close one, and perhaps finding their (stroking) rhythm.

    GayJ:  You beat Charcoal by 3 but only beat White by 4?  This team makes no sense.

  8. Lit AF (Charcoal) (3 - 1):

    Terry Yaki:  First loss, although close, to the Dandy Lions.  Can they beat a QB-less and Drag Queen-less Crimson on Friday?

    GayJ:  I hope so.  We are everything to that team.  EVERYTHING.

  9. Blac Chyna (Black) (3 - 3):

    Terry Yaki:  HOTTEST TEAM! OMG! I DIE.  They will be a contender if they can protect their QB.

    GayJ: Can’t penalize them for losing to the leagues best team led by the leagues sexiest and most athletic QB (even with his center groping – instead of blocking – the other team all game)

  10. Ca$h me outSKY (Sky Blue) (3 - 2):

    Terry Yaki:  Looks like QB Pratt found a favorite target, and its not his wife….hello James Rowe (4TDs).

    GayJ:  Sky Blue is just padding their stats with wins over bad teams.

  11. Irish Creamers (Kelly) (3 - 2):

    Terry Yaki:  They definitely took all of it from Olive.  They need to utilize their drag queen more.

    GayJ: “Utilize their drag queen more” hmmm – where have I heard this 10,000 times before?

  12. Kung Fuchsia (Fuchsia) (1 - 3):

    Terry Yaki:  Where are the peanuts?  This is a sleep (with h) er team!  Once their QB settles in…it could be lights out.

    GayJ:  If they can figure it out, I wouldn’t want to see them in the playoffs.

  13. Cockwerq Orange (Orange) (1 - 4):

    Terry Yaki:  Brad Allen was the QBs favorite target with 3 TDs.  Despite losing a close one, this team moves up.  Way too many tops…I mean….too much potential.

    GayJ: If having a lot of tops was an indicator of potential, Crimson would be at the bottom of these rankings.

  14. Vio-LIT (Violet) (1 - 4):

    Terry Yaki:  Maybe their QB needs to take pace off the ball?

    GayJ:  If  Vio-LIT is 14th, god help the teams ranked below.

  15. Hardwood Forest (Forest) (1 - 4):

    Terry Yaki: Yay to the first win, but they also lost one.  Another sleeper team.  Wait for Marvyn to explode on offense….it will happen.

    GayJ:  WTF happened in the second half of the game against Lime?!?!  They need Viagra to keep that Hardwood up.

  16. No TEAl No Shade (Teal) (1 - 4):

    Terry Yaki:  TEAl won, but it was against Navy.  Maybe it’s time to do some Army PT?  Peter?

    GayJ: TEAl still hasn’t won a game in my book.

  17. SUB-Marines (Navy) (1 - 4):

    Terry Yaki:  Well they lost both of their games.  Is this ship sinking?

    GayJ: Oh yes this ship is sinking. Quick! Z, save all the seaman!

  18. White Russians (White) (0 - 4):

    Terry Yaki:  Perhaps this team needs to call the White House for some help?  Maybe ask the Orange team for insights?

    GayJ:  The White Russians play like they are drunk off White Russians.  Ok. Not my best.  But you don’t deserve my best.

  19. bREDskins (Red) (0 - 5):

    Terry Yaki:  There’s no reason why this team should not have a win.  Maybe the captain should stop watching RPDR?

    GayJ: You guys are giving the Redskins a bad name.  Do you know how hard that is to do?!?!