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Gay Flag Football League
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Power Rankings

The Kozak-less Power Rankings — Season 18 Barely Legal - March 6, 2019

  1. Grab My Graphite (Graphite) 1-0:

    You know DCGFFL’s Barely Legal Season 18 is barely off to a legal start when a Trainwreck is Number 1!



  2. Gettin' Piggy With It (Pink) 1-0:

    Would not be surprised if this Pink/Purple matchup in week 1 was a Championship preview.  I have one message to this Pink team, Bryan S.:

  3. Wicked Bitches of the West (Kelly) 1-0:

    Congrats to Randella, Cline & Co.  Especially the one new straight guy on the team Garrett!  I do have one Q for him though:

  4. Disrespectful Wit It (Gold) 1-0:

    Gold went home right before the halftime show and still won.  Adam Levine should have done the same thing.

  5. PurPaul's Drag Race (Purple) 0-1:

    Matty P lost his first flag football game that he didn’t get thrown out of in over a year.  The Rookies/Sophomores on this team looked good, which will make them dangerous.  I borrowed the below footage of one of the Rookies from his mom:

  6. A Team Has No Name (Forest Green) 1-0:

    Rookie QB Keith and Sophomore Sensation Danny H hooked up twice … (on the field, calm down).  All I gotta say is:

  7. Pulp Friction (Orange) 0-1:

    What do Week 1 MVP Kevin Smiffy and John Stamos have in common?

  8. LTBA (Baby Blue) 1-0:

    After catching the winning TD with barely a few seconds on the clock, Game Day Director and Diva Extraordinare Daniel Honeycutt turned around and said:

  9. Not Today Satan (Red) 1-0:

    With 2 GayBowl Champions Bradley & Captain Evan, Defending League Champ Andy A.,  returning barely “legal” Stud Austin P., returning Old Man Stud Matt Nix, and “I’m a Stud” Stephen H., on the team, the only thing league-founder JJ Johnson focused on when heard he was on this team was straight QB Ben H:

  10. ClapBlacks (Black) 0-1:

    While it was a week 1 loss, QB/Commish Hotchkiss led his team valiantly.  Black had the ball down by less than a score at the end.  After the loss, Hotchkiss gathered the entire league to let them know:

  11. Sexual Tealing (Teal) 0-1:

    Close loss.  Thankfully, you have probably the best QB in League History.  You’ll be a’ight.

  12. Limey Wankers (Lime) 0-1:

    Hey Rook, it takes a minute.  Supreme Court Justices are even pulling for you.  Sonia tells ya what she does in this situation:

  13. Navy Gravy (Navy) 0-1:

    Team Rush, as usual captained by League Social Director Vincent Culliver, is gonna put all kinds of pressure on you.  Good news, you’ve got another rusher coming back to help out this week.  He rushed his a** off in Sunshine Cup.  Look below to see Tom (life-sized, the buildings are Legos):

  14. Rust and Bust (Maroon) 0-1:

    This team will not be last all season.  This is one talented team.