Washington D.C.
Gay Flag Football League
"Get off the bench and get in the game!"

Power Rankings

Season IX – Week 1 - September 9, 2014

  1. S09 -- Medium Green ('Butch Greens') 1-0:

    Nowhere to go but down.

  2. S09 -- Leaf Green ('O-leaf-ia Newton John's') 1-0:

    Who knew MikeBen could ball? He caught 2 TDs, an XP, and threw for a TD during their big win over Burnt Orange.

  3. S09 -- Fuchsia ('Back to the Fuchsia') 1-0:

    Big win on Sunday, but injuries may hurt them as the season wears on.

  4. S09 -- Orange ('TangerQueens') 1-0:

    You can’t stop Patrick Kozak, you can only hope to contain him.

  5. S09 -- Gold ('Golden Receivers') 1-0:

    Tired name, tired result. Pearce scores lots of points yet again.

  6. S09 -- Dark Green ('Ninja Turtles') 1-0:

    Condragulations Smiffy, shante you stay. Shelly sashay away.

  7. S09 -- Red ('Red Rover') 1-0:

    Jason Weaver was werking it like the rent was due on Sunday.

  8. S09 -- Teal ('Big Squirt Tealers') 1-0:

    Brandon Waggoner had the maneuverability of a young Patrick McIntyre on Sunday.

  9. S09 -- Black ('Black N Deck'ya') 1-0:

    Ken Green may have overtaken Dameron Rendell as the loudest player in DCGFFL.

  10. S09 -- Navy ('Rear Admirals') 1-0:

    Sheerod Wilkerson started this season much better than he did last season.

  11. S09 -- Vegas Gold ('Vegas Gold Star Gays') 0-1:

    Welcome back to DCGFFL Mike D’Ignazio. You lost.

  12. S09 -- Maroon ('Brick Hard') 0-1:

    DCGFFL waits with bated breath for the debut of Daniel Honeycutt, QB.

  13. S09 -- Royal Blue ('These Hoes Ain't Royal') 0-1:

    Congratulations to Stephen Tackney for winning his first MVP!

  14. S09 -- Graphite ('Phite Club') 0-1:

    Charlie Knisely did his best Brett Favre impersonation in a tough loss to Orange.

  15. S09 -- Columbia Blue ('Columbia Kilos') 0-1:

    How many games has Brion not won MVP??

  16. S09 -- Purple ('Gang Violets') 0-1:

    Gang Violets should have focused more on the game than on posting team photos on the Facebook page.

  17. S09 -- Pacific Blue ('Pacific Bluekakke') 0-1:

    Gerard Burley needs to put down the kale and pick up a first down (stolen from Smiffy).

  18. S09 -- Lime ('Feels Like the First Lime') 0-1:

    Will they be singing Foreigner if they keep on losing every week?

  19. S09 -- Burnt Orange ('Burnt Orange Boehners') 0-1:

    Not the best effort on Sunday, perhaps the return of Andy Pratt will help.

  20. S09 -- White ('I Know, White?') 0-1:

    The Power Bottoms just laid down and took it on Sunday.