Washington D.C.
Gay Flag Football League
"Get off the bench and get in the game!"

Power Rankings

Season 8 – Week 4 - March 26, 2014

  1. S08 -- Dark Green ('Jolly Green Giants') 5-0:

    We all saw what happened to Wichita State…undefeated doesn’t mean you go home with the trophy.

  2. S08 -- Black ('Baby Got Black') 4-1:

    Miles Patrie has put up nearly 100 points during Black’s 3 game winning streak.

  3. S08 -- Gold ('R. Kelly Sheets') 3-1:

    No shame in losing to the #1 team in the Power Rankings, especially when one of your best players gets hurt.

  4. S08 -- White ('White to the Face') 3-1:

    “White to the Face” has gone “White to the Top” of the Power Rankings, after starting at #19 after Week 1.

  5. S08 -- Lime Green ('Limalicious') 3-1:

    Kyle Butts has proven to be one of the most capable back-up QBs in the league.

  6. S08 -- Red ('Rougie Ass Bitches') 3-1:

    Red scored a season-high in points and lost. This team makes no sense.

  7. S08 -- Kelly Green ('R. Kelly') 3-2:

    Like your namesake once sang, “You go up and down To the left, and the right You go in and out And work it like a real freak should”

  8. S08 -- Orange ('Orange You a Bottom?') 2-1:

    Matt Pearce, you are supposed to throw TDs in the red zone, not INTs.

  9. S08 -- Burnt Orange ('Burnt Orange Boehners') 2-2:

    The 2 game losing streak has been handled. Thanks O Pope!

  10. S08 -- Purple ('Purple Reign') 2-2:

    Only 19 points in two games…ugly. 15 teams pulled that off in 1 game Sunday.

  11. S08 -- Navy ('Navy Blue Ivy') 2-2:

    Navy Blue is 2-1 in games that come down to the final possession. Y’all should try winning games easily.

  12. S08 -- Leaf Green ('Love 'em and Leaf 'em') 2-3:

    Nick Payton and Peter Dien form a dangerous pair at safety, but will they actually attend any games?

  13. S08 -- Silver ('SWAG') 2-3:

    Every game is a shoot-out for Silver, powered by one of the league’s highest scoring offenses and most porous defenses.

  14. S08 -- Slate ('Dirty Little Slates') 2-3:

    Brendan McFarland and Baxter O’Brien can’t do it all on offense.

  15. S08 -- Teal ('Clubbing Baby Teals') 2-3:

    What hurt more, the loss on Sunday or the hangover on Monday?

  16. S08 -- Carolina Blue ('Honey Blew Blue') 2-3:

    I am ready to put out a bat signal for Marcus Boyce.

  17. S08 -- Tropical Blue ('Tropic Thunder') 1-4:

    Buggsy Stokes: the difference between 0-4 and 1-4.

  18. S08 -- Royal Blue ('Crown Royals') 1-3:

    The Sheerod Wilkerson-Chris Morse Bowl won’t be the same without Sheerod and Chris.

  19. S08 -- Pacific Blue ('Moby Dicks') 0-4:

    Didn’t Bill Cammas win 2 MVPs as a QB???

  20. S08 -- Vegas Gold ('Dirty Slots') 0-4:

    And then there were 2…