Washington D.C.
Gay Flag Football League
"Get off the bench and get in the game!"

Power Rankings

Season 8 – Week 3 - March 18, 2014

  1. S08 -- Dark Green ('Jolly Green Giants') 4-0:

    JJ Johnson’s best teams usually sneak up on people. Can he handle being the front-runner this early in the season?

  2. S08 -- Red ('Rougie Ass Bitches') 3-0:

    Red scores less and less points each week, but keeps rising up the Power Rankings. Another 12 point game and you are getting knocked down Scott Graham.

  3. S08 -- Gold ('R. Kelly Sheets') 3-0:

    Battle of the unbeaten teams on Sunday when Gold takes on Dark Green. We will see if the newcomers are for real.

  4. S08 -- Orange ('Orange You a Bottom?') 2-0:

    Orange You a Bottom against White to the Face .

  5. S08 -- Black ('Baby Got Black') 3-1:

    Even white boys got to shout, Baby got black!

  6. S08 -- White ('White to the Face') 2-1:

    My girl Meg Santaniello had a nice TD on Sunday.

  7. S08 -- Lime Green ('Limalicious') 2-1:

    Is Silver ready for this jelly?

  8. S08 -- Purple ('Purple Reign') 1-1:

    Can I write the same joke as last week since they didn’t play?

  9. S08 -- Silver ('SWAG') 2-2:

    Dan Cipullo does his best not to win back to back games.

  10. S08 -- Kelly Green ('R. Kelly') 2-2:

    Zach “Lil Poundcake” Webber could be the difference maker against Slate on Sunday (I really just wanted an excuse to link this:

  11. S08 -- Teal ('Clubbing Baby Teals') 2-2:

    Sean Wilkerson, I will trade you a higher ranking for your tent and bench. That was a nice spread on Sunday.

  12. S08 -- Burnt Orange ('Burnt Orange Boehners') 1-2:

    Was Tony Stewart tanking on Sunday to get a better pick in the supplemental draft??? Somebody call Olivia Pope.

  13. S08 -- Navy ('Navy Blue Ivy') 1-1:

    Drew Dasilva, I told you that you couldn’t allow 32 points and win. Told you so.

  14. S08 -- Slate ('Dirty Little Slates') 2-2:

    Slate finally scored more than 2 TDs in a game!

  15. S08 -- Royal Blue ('Crown Royals') 1-2:

    Sheerod Wilkerson racked up his first W at QB on Sunday. Congrats!

  16. S08 -- Leaf Green ('Love 'em and Leaf 'em') 1-3:

    Ali Reza, has Dameron replaced you as the loudest player in the league?

  17. S08 -- Carolina Blue ('Honey Blew Blue') 1-3:

    Carolina Blue got R Kelly’d by Gold on Sunday.

  18. S08 -- Pacific Blue ('Moby Dicks') 0-3:

    Did Captain Ahab take out the Moby Dicks before the season started?

  19. S08 -- Vegas Gold ('Dirty Slots') 0-3:

    Congratulations on not losing this Sunday Vegas Gold.

  20. S08 -- Tropical Blue ('Tropic Thunder') 0-4:

    Tropic Thunder? More like Tropic Breeze.