Washington D.C.
Gay Flag Football League
"Get off the bench and get in the game!"

Power Rankings

Season 8 – Week 1 - March 4, 2014

  1. S08 -- Burnt Orange ('Burnt Orange Boehners') 1-0:

    The only thing that can slow down veterans, Tony Stewart and Sam Smallwood is a broken hip.

  2. S08 -- Carolina Blue ('Honey Blew Blue') 1-0:

    Carolina Blue did not score a second half point, otherwise the $50 Nellies bar tab could have been theirs.

  3. S08 -- Dark Green ('Jolly Green Giants') 1-0:

    The last time Mark Hofberg wore Dark Green, he took the team to the Final Four.

  4. S08 -- Red ('Rougie Ass Bitches') 1-0:

    Scott Graham spread the ball around, hitting 4 receivers for TDs.

  5. S08 -- Lime Green ('Limalicious') 1-0:

    Good to have you on the fields Week 1 Dameron Rendell. Carter Baron is too quiet without you.

  6. S08 -- Black ('Baby Got Black') 1-0:

    Welcome back under center Miles Patrie.

  7. S08 -- Kelly Green ('R. Kelly') 1-0:

    Jay Maroney and Kyle McKinney have a lot of options at their disposal this season.

  8. S08 -- Orange ('Orange You a Bottom?') 1-0:

    Step up your game Matt Pearce. Only 3 TDs? That is what you normally scored by halftime last season.

  9. S08 -- Gold ('R. Kelly Sheets') 1-0:

    Tyler Fox might be the real deal at QB.

  10. S08 -- Navy ('Navy Blue Ivy') 1-0:

    Brandon Waggoner and Mike Bornmann showed some balls going for 2XP for the win on Sunday.

  11. S08 -- Pacific Blue ('Moby Dicks') 0-1:

    Bill Cammas has to knock some of the rust off now that he is back to playing QB.

  12. S08 -- Tropical Blue ('Tropic Thunder') 0-1:

    Someone explain to me what is the difference between Teal and Tropic Blue?

  13. S08 -- Silver ('SWAG') 0-1:

    How’s your grill Gerard Burley?

  14. S08 -- Purple ('Purple Reign') 0-1:

    Purple did not reign on Sunday, falling to Red after a strong second half comeback.

  15. S08 -- Vegas Gold ('Dirty Slots') 0-1:

    Different job for Brian Hotchkiss this season, but a similar result: 0-1.

  16. S08 -- Teal ('Clubbing Baby Teals') 0-1:

    Who will be the first player to get kicked out for unsportsmanlike conduct, Jim Connolly or Daniel Honeycutt?

  17. S08 -- Leaf Green ('Love 'em and Leaf 'em') 0-1:

    I am digging the team name. I am not digging the performance on Sunday.

  18. S08 -- Royal Blue ('Crown Royals') 0-1:

    At least they all wore matching bandanas?

  19. S08 -- White ('White to the Face') 0-1:

    They took that loss White to the Face. Let’s hope Jeremy Steslicki is not lost at sea.

  20. S08 -- Slate ('Dirty Little Slates') 0-1: