Washington D.C.
Gay Flag Football League
"Get off the bench and get in the game!"

Power Rankings

Season XVI – Week 1 (Author: Holihan feat. Culliver) - March 7, 2018

S16 - Hunter Green ('The Hunt Punters') 2 - 0:

Season after season of being the supporting character and Max Rothschild is finally the shining star of a team. Rothschild walked away from Sunday with 6 TDs after Hunt Punter’s doubleheader.

S16 - Purple ('Purple Squirrels') 1 - 0:

Neither the QB (out of town) or Captain (dying) were able to make the draft and yet still have one of the best and deepest rosters this season.

S16 - Raspberry ('2 in the Stink & None in the Pink') 1 - 0:

I hate this name.

S16 - Kelly Green ('The Kelly Rowlands') 1 - 0:

Me, every time I take a snap under center:

S16 - Columbia Blue ('He-Blues') 1 - 0:

Is this team still putting up 40 points without Cammas when he officially becomes a daddy?

S16 - Power Blue ('Kristin and Her Blue Balls') 1 - 0:

Antwon flashing cash in y’alls team pic:

S16 - Red ('The Rosebuds') 1 - 0:

Live footage of Waggoner playing Safety:

S16 - Teal ('TEALquila') 1 - 0:

Teal Team Nice Guy, Part Deux. Maybe with better results?

S16 - Power Yellow ('Stripper Circus') 1 - 1:

Derrick Johnson and Andy Pratt may just see the semi-finals with a new ringmaster in Scott Graham.

S16 - Power Orange ('Homo Depot') 0 - 1:

The team is like an angry dad convention.

S16 - White ('Cake Monsters') 1 - 0:

Girl. Defense wins championships but you need SOME offense.

S16 - Royal Blue ('Royal Housewives of DC') 0 - 1:

A moth is to flame as Joe Heron is to straight QBs.

S16 - Charcoal ('#SquadCoals') 0 - 1:

A ragtag group of veterans, led by an outsider with a heart of gold and a rebel seeking to do what’s right, took to the field and…well, they lost. But the narrative is still pretty good.

S16 - Gold ('Friends of Dorothy (Zbornak)') 0 - 1:

Welcome back to the DCGFFL Jared Calfee! Your present is Mark Hofberg hanging 40 points on you.

S16 - Burgundy ('Burgun-D-Bags') 0 - 1:

Santos was overheard on Sunday talking to Hotchkiss

S16 - Pink ('Petty in Pink') 0 - 1:

Jamar named his team this just to remind anyone doing the Power Rankings that he is the type of man to give it to you twice as hard as you did to him.

S16 - Silver ('Hi Hoe Silvers') 0 - 1:

After Greg Carter came on to throw Silver’s second and last TD of the day, RJ’s poll numbers started to drop faster than his favorite president’s. 

S16 - Navy ('Call Me Navy') 0 - 1:

S16 - Orange ('Tang Banged') 0 - 2:

At least you guys scored more points than Navy and White?