Washington D.C.
Gay Flag Football League
"Get off the bench and get in the game!"

Power Rankings

Season XVII – Week 2 (Author: Patrick Kozak) - October 3, 2018

S17 - Crimson Ride (2 - 0):

Beck actually caught 2 TDs, an XP, and an INT.  I am shook.

S17 - Call Me By Your Team Name (Columbia Blue) (2 - 0):

Columbia Blue won and Jeremy was a monster on the field.  Wake me up when something new happens. 

S17 - Silver Fox Holes (2 - 0):

Brandon has all of the accuracy of Baker Mayfield, but with none of the BDE.

S17 - Hunter Green (2 - 0):

I am glad Hunter Green finally created a team name.  Do they live up to it??? 

S17 - daffoDILFS (Power Yellow) (2 - 0):

No one knows how they did it, but Santos and Power Yellow are undefeated.

S17 - Biscuits & Navy (Navy) (2 - 1):

Levert thought the fields smelled like sh*t on Sunday (he was right), but Navy came out smelling like roses after going 2-0.

S17 - Magnums (Gold) (2 - 1):

Things I do not miss about DCGFFL: AJ screaming at his team even when they are up several touchdowns.

S17 - Green Eggs and Cammas (Kelly Green) (1 - 1):

Because of this terrible team name, this is what I see when I think of Bill.

(1 - 1):

I am glad we finally have a talented Murtaugh in the DCGFFL.

S17 - Reddy, Ready, Red (1 - 1):

Another trash team name.  I bet John self pleasures when he thinks about a group of gays naming their team after his catchphrase.

S17 - Teal (1 - 1):

How many white dudes over 30 do you need on one team, Vincent??

S17 - L.I.M.E. (1 - 1):

No team with Jordan has any business putting up only 6 points in a football game.

S17 - Purple Parrots (1 - 1):

How I feel when I see my gals Mecha and Donald pick up that W.

S17 - Bringing Sexy Black (1 - 1):

Andy, if you are going to lose, at least make it competitive.

S17 - White (0 - 2):

Maybe BB should worry less about finding his next bottom and should focus on finding his first win this season.

S17 - Grill on Grill Action (Charcoal) (0 - 2):

Roy, I thought you would learn your lesson from drafting only your friends last season.

S17 - Flaming Hot Cheeto Dust (Orange) (0 - 2):

Me watching Orange play “football” on Friday:

S17 - Pink (0 - 2):

I thought last week’s loss was bad…

S17 - X’s and Hoes (Royal Blue) (0 - 2):

When you count on Rob Casey attending flag football games on Sunday mornings, you should also count on being winless.

S17 - The Shock Tops (Power Orange) (0 - 2):

Move on, nothing to see here.  Literally nothing.