Washington D.C.
Gay Flag Football League
"Get off the bench and get in the game!"

Season 16 – Semifinals & Championship (May 20, 2018)

May 21, 2018

MVP - Bryan S. (Raspberry), Andy A. (Navy)
Game Ball - Peter P. (Raspberry), Jeff M. (Navy)
Sportsperson - JC (Raspberry), Chord B. (Navy)

Raspberry: Alonzo M (6pt), Peter P. (1pt, Int), Bryan S. (7pt), Ken G. (13pt), Sean B. (Int), Eduardo C. (Sack)

Navy: Joseph W. (7pt), Andy A. (7pt), John B. (6pt)

MVP - Kevin S. (Red), Will J. (Royal)
Game Ball - Kevin H. (Red), Ben H. (Royal)
Sportsperson - Nolan L. (Red), Lindsay W. (Royal)

Red: Kevin S. (TD (14pt), Alex P. (2pt), Kevin H. (Pick 6), Tyler L. (1pt), Nolan L. (Int), Brandon W. (ppt)

Royal: Brett C. (6pt), Will J. (10pt), Todd R. (Sack), Cameron B. (Pick 6)

MVP - Bryan S. (Raspberry), Nolan L. (Red)
Game Ball - Peter P. (Raspberry), Nick G. (Red)
Sportsperson - Matt M. (Raspberry), Brandon W. (Red)

Raspberry: Bryan S. (6pt), Alonzo M. (13pt), Matt M (6pt), Sean B. (1pt), Peter P. (6pt, Int on Try), John J. (1pt)

Red: Patrick T. (Sack), Tyler L. (6pt), Nick G. (Sack), Alex P. (8pt), Kevin S. (6pt), Nolan L. (6pt), Kevin H. (6pt)