Washington D.C.
Gay Flag Football League
"Get off the bench and get in the game!"

Season 16 – Week 2 (March 10, 2018)

March 12, 2018

MVP - Most Valuable Player honors are given to a game’s most athletically outstanding or influential participant. Referees select each team’s MVP.
Game Ball - Game Balls are awarded to players for exceptional personal achievement or unheralded contribution to a team’s efforts. Captains pick their own team’s Game Ball recipient.
Sportsperson - Sportspeople are highlighted for demonstrating their principled character and commitment to fostering camaraderie among their teammates and community between opposing teams. Opposing Captains choose the other team’s Sportsperson.
MVP - Jared Lucas, Andrew Carr
Game Ball - Kyle Veldman, Kyle McKinney
Sportsperson - Kertiste Augustus, Stephen Plascyk


Mecha Santos sacked Brian Hotchkiss. Kyle McKinney threw 2 TD’s ran in 2 TD’s. Andrew Carr caught 2 TD’s, 2 XP tries, and 2 INT’s. Stephen Plasyck sacked Brian Hotchkiss. Sam Edwards sacked Brian Hotchkiss.



Jared Lucas caught 2 TD’s. Brian Hotchkiss threw 2 TD’s. DeVaughn Wilson caught 1 INT.

MVP - Brian Donohoe, Paul Pham
Game Ball - Sean Bartel, Ezra Porter
Sportsperson - Tony Stewart, Marcus Boyce


Paul Pham caught 2 TD’s, 2 XP tries, and 1 INT. Bryant Burnheimer caught 1 TD. Ezra Porter caught 1 INT. Marcus caught 1 TD. CJ Babb threw 3 TD’s


Power Orange:

Tony Stewart caught 1 TD. Daniel Honeycutt caught 2 TD’s and 1 XP try. Hiren Nisar sacked CJ Babb. Greg Kenderdine caught 1 TD. Brian Donohoe caught 1 TD and 2 INT’s. Matt Cline threw 5 TD’s.

MVP - Sean Karson, Brett Chambers
Game Ball - Gabe Avilla, Kirk Yancey
Sportsperson - Shanden Delameter, Brett Chambers


Will Jackson caught 2 TD’s. Mike Osorio caught 1 XP try. Brett Chambers caught 2 TD’s and 2 XP try. #Todd sacked Adam Robbins. Ben Hunt threw 4 TD’s and caught 1 INT. Kurt Yancey caught 1 INT.



Sean Karson caught 2 TD’s and 1 INT. Adam Robbins threw 4 TD’s and caught 2 INT’s and ran in back for a TD. Gabe Avila caught 1 XP try. Ryan Merrill sacked Benjamin Hunt. Larry Womack caught 1 TD. Chris Rybicki caught 1 TD. TJ Baggett sacked Benjamin Hunt.

MVP - Jack Blaney, Antwon Hines
Game Ball - Roy Fillyaw, Mark Summerside
Sportsperson - Jack Blaney, Andy Smith

Power Blue:

Kristin Lynch threw 5 TD’s and  ran in 1 TD. Aaron Beck caught 1 TD and 1 XP try. Patrick Smith caught 2 TD’s. Antwon Hines caught 2 TD’s and 1 XP try.



Bradley Williams sacked Kristin Lynch 2 times. Andy Hackbarth caught 2 TD’s. Barry Mauck caught 1 TD, 1 XP try. Jamar Walker caught 1 XP try and 1 INT. Jack Blaney caught 2 TD’s, 1 XP try, and 1 INT 1 XP try. Roy Fillyaw threw 5 TD’s.

MVP - Mark Hofberg, Eddie Guerra
Game Ball - Bill Cammas, Bobby Bosfield
Sportsperson - Leah Garofalo, Mitch Scuzzarella


Eddie Guerra caught 2 INT’s. Greg Carter caught 1 INT. Bobby Bosfield caught 1 TD. RJ Martin threw 1 TD.


Columbia Blue:

Mark Hofberg threw 3 TD’s, caught 2 INT’s and ran 1 back for a TD. Bill Cammas caught 1 TD and 1 XP try. Mark Japinga caught 1 INT. Eric Green sacked RJ Martin. JM caught 1 TD and 1 INT. Linda Pratt caught 1 TD. Leah Garofolo caught 1 try.

MVP - Jared Calfee, Brian Donohoe
Game Ball - MopTop, Daniel Honeycutt
Sportsperson - Jared Calfee, Sean Bartel

Power Orange:

Daniel Honeycutt caught 2 TD’s, 1 INT, and 1 XP try. Brian Donohoe caught 2 TD’s. Clay Arnold caught 1 INT. Matt Cline threw 4 TD’s.



Vinnie Deright caught 2 TD’s and 2 XP tries. MopTop caught 2 TD’s, 1 INT, and 1 XP try. Brandon Tuell sacked Matt Cline. Jared Calfee threw 4 TD’s.

MVP - Will Lipovsky, Mike Hess
Game Ball - Edgar Chavez, Justin Parker
Sportsperson - Amanda Livingstone, Sean Holihan


Alex Martello sacked AJ Reust. Chuck Roth sacked AJ Reust. Mike Hess caught 1 TD. Sean Holihan threw 1 TD.


Hunter Green:

Will Lipovsky caught 2 TD’s and 1 INT. Matt Townsend caught 1 TD, 1 XP try, and ran 1 INT back for a TD. Darwin Pham sacked Sean Holihan. AJ Reust ran in 2 TD’s, threw 3 TD’s, and ran back 1 INT for a TD. Amanda Livingstone sacked Sean Holihan.

MVP - Kevin Hamilton, Jarrod Salvestrini
Game Ball - Nolan Lazarus, Patrick Tobin
Sportsperson - Tristan Johnson, Jarrod Salvestrini

Power Yellow:

Scott Graham threw 4 TD’s and ran in 1 TD. Derrick caught 1 TD and sacked Brandon Waggoner. Jarrod Salvestrini caught 1 TD ran rang back 1 INT for a TD. Jeff Reiners caught 1 INT.



Patrick Tighe sacked Scott Graham. Kevin Hamilton caught 2 TD’s. Nolan Lazarus caught 1 XP try and 1 INT. Brandon Waggoner threw 3 TD”s and ran in 1. Steve Gong caught 1 TD. Nick Green sacked Scott Graham.

MVP - Bill Cammas, Mike Hess
Game Ball - Leah Garofalo, Dan Erckenbrack
Sportsperson - Ibby Baig, Alex Martello


Mike Hess caught 1 TD. Sean Holihan threw 1 TD.


Carolina Blue:

Mark Hofberg threw 5 TD’s, ran in 1 TD, ran in 1 XP try, and caught 1 INT. JM scored 2 XP tries. Bill Cammas caught 2 TD’s, ran in 1 TD, scored 1 XP try. Mark Japinga caught 2 TD’s, 1 INT, and 1 XP try.

MVP - MopTop, Sean Dickson
Game Ball - Brandon Tuell, RJ Martin
Sportsperson - Sam Brown, Greg Carter



Sean Dickson sacked Jared Calfee 3 times. Eddie Guerra caught 1 TD and 1 INT. RJ threw 3 TD’s and caught 1 INT. Bobby Bosfield caught 1 TD. James Rowe sacked Jared Calfee 2 times.



Stu Shaginaw caught 1 INT and scored 1 XP try. Vinnie Deright caught 2 TD’s. Jared Calfee threw 3 TD’s, ran in 1 TD, and caught 1 INT. MopTop caught 1 TD. Brandon Tuell sacked RJ Martin.

MVP - Jeremsy Steslicki, Ken Green
Game Ball - John Green, Sean Bender
Sportsperson - Jim Roll, Bryan Sanders


John Jimenez sacked Marvin Washington. Bryan Sanders ran in 1 TD and threw 1 TD. Ken Green caught 1 TD. Sean Boylan caught 1 TD.



Jeremy Steslicki caught 2 INT’s, returning 1 for a TD, and caught 1 TD and 1 XP try. Marvin Washington ran in 1 TD, threw 2 TD’s, and caught 1 INT. Vincent Culliver sacked Bryan Sanders.

MVP - Andy Allen, Levert James (Daww.)
Game Ball - John Boyd, Enrique Perez
Sportsperson - Jeff Matarese, Levert James


Jim Connolly threw for 3 TD’s. Levert James caught 2 TD’s. Enrique Perez caught 1 TD. Will Chappell scored 1 XP.



John Boyd threw for  6 TD’s and caught 1 INT. Andy Allen caught 3 TD’s, 1 XP try, and 1 INT. Jeff Matarese caught 1 TD and caught 1 INT on an XP try. Joe Walker caught 1 TD. Arash Amandpour caught 1 TD. Chord Bezerra sacked Jimmy Connolly.