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Gay Flag Football League
"Get off the bench and get in the game!"

Welcome to Washington D.C. Gay Flag Football League

Welcome to the website for the DC Gay Flag Football League (DCGFFL), DC’s only gay flag football league. The DCGFFL started informally in 1994 and became an official league in 2010. Since its early beginnings, the league has grown from 14 players and 2 teams to about 300 players and 22 teams!

Games are played on Sundays between 9:45am until 2:30pm at Carter Barron Fields at 16th and Kennedy (right next to the Fitzgerald Tennis Center), and select Friday nights at Brentwood-Hamilton Fields.

The league is open to all skill levels, from those who have played for years to those who have never been on a football field. Additionally is it a fellowship for both straight and gay individuals. Come check out our games, meet some amazing people, and consider joining us as a player.

As the league motto says: Get off the bench, and get in the game!

Recent News

Congrats Jordashians! - November 19, 2017

After facing off with the Sandjobs in the Semifinals, the Jordashians fought off the AC Slaters to become the Champions of Season XV! Other winners of Season XV: Male MVP: Jordan Anderson, Captain of the Jordashians Female MVP: Nikki Kasparek, AC Slaters Outstanding Offensive Player: Scott Graham, QB of Whorange Outstanding Defensive Player: Greg Carter, Sandjobs Legends
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Power Rankings

Season XV – The Thanksgiving Edition - November 23, 2017

Jordashians (Black) (Champions!):

I’m grateful Jordan got to the DCGFFL mountaintop with his best league and college friends. We should all be so lucky. Her deserves a sincere, shade-free congratulations. Great work, Captain.

I’m thankful Daniel Allen’s reportedly coming back in the spring to, in his words, “show (Jordan) how it’s really done.” Can’t wait to see how you try cheating the system, “Rookie.”

Most of all, I’m thankful that a winning Smiffy is a fabulously-dressed Smiffy is a happy Smiffy is a Smiffy that doesn’t have anything to bitch to the board about.

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Dirty Goose Conference

Uproar Conference