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Travel Program

Welcome to the Travel Program information page for the DC Gay Flag Football League (DCGFFL).

The Travel Program is managed by the Travel Management Board (TMB) with oversight by the DCGFFL Board of Directors. The Travel Program was established to allow teams of players from the DCGFFL at large to compete at national level tournaments. The main Travel Program goal is to WIN GAY BOWL.

Currently there are five teams that compete in the Travel Program. Four of these teams compete in the Open division. The DC Admirals, Washington Generals and DC Commanders compete in the A Division. In the B Division, we have, DC Delta Force. We also have the Washington Senators who play in the Women’s Division.

Each team typically competes in two tournaments per year.  The first tournament is Pride Bowl which is held in June during Chicago Pride weekend. The other tournament, which is the primary focus for our teams, is Gay Bowl. Gay Bowl like the NFL’s Super Bowl is held in a different location each year.  This year Gay Bowl XVIII will take place in Denver Colorado on September 13-16th, 2018.

The TMB is made up of two representatives from each team and three unaffiliated members. Team representative are chosen after the teams have been drafted. The unaffiliated members (the U3) are selected by a popular vote by anyone that registered for the current Travel season. The Current TMB Affiliated Members are:

Amanda Livingstone (Washington Senators)

Lindsey Walton (Washington Senators)

Levert James (DC Admirals)

Alonzo Mable (DC Admirals)

Marc Summerside (Washington Generals)

Marvin Washington (Washington Generals)

Andrew Carr (DC Commanders)

Kris Kostura (DC Commanders)

Adam Stickler (DC Delta Force)

Aaron Ross (DC Delta Force)

The current U3 members are Ken Green and Paul Guequierre and Bill C. Joe Heron is the DCGFFL Board Liaison to the TMB. Any questions can be directed to the TMB at DCGFFLTravel@gmail.com

Important Dates……

Pride Bowl in Chicago June 22nd and 23rd, 2018.. Congratulations to the Washington Senators for Winning the Women’s Division at this years Pride Bowl

Supplemental Travel Registration for the 2018 season is now closed. Supplemental draft will be held soon and you will be notified if you are drafted to a team.

Gay Bowl XVIII in Denver September 14th Through 16th, 2018