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Travel Program

Welcome to the Travel Program information page for the DC Gay Flag Football League (DCGFFL)

The 2019 travel season is here – calling all players interested in playing for travel teams!

Once again, the DCGFFL’s wealth of talent will come together to represent Washington at two national tournaments — Pride Bowl in Chicago (June 28-29) and Gay Bowl XVII in New York City (October 11-13). We are looking to build on DC’s great past travel successes, including last year’s epic A Division Gay Bowl championship victory in Denver!

The format for Pride Bowl has been newly updated this year. The Open Division will consist of 24 teams placed in 4 pods through a seeded random draw (teams 1-6 will be placed randomly, followed by teams 7-12, etc) with seeding based on the finish in last year’s Pride Bowl (except that teams from the same city will not be placed in the same pod). Following day 1, the 24 teams will be placed in 3 different brackets of 8 teams based on day 1 results.

Another change is that for the initial round of Pride Bowl registration, cities are limited to 3 teams in the Open Division. DC has secured first place in the waiting list for a 4th team (Delta Force) for this tournament and expect we should be able to field that team.

The Women’s Division will consist of 8 teams across two pods that will be seeded into a 1-8 bracket on day 1. On day 2, teams will advance to either the 4 team championship or consolation bracket.

It’s going to be an exciting travel season! And, if you think you have what it takes to represent our city and help us bring home a championship, you can register here

Don’t delay! Registration ends on Monday, March 18, 11:59pm.

Every year, we send our athletes to two major flag football tournaments, Pride Bowl and Gay Bowl, to represent DC against other national teams. Last year we fielded 1 women’s team (Senators in A division) and 4 men’s teams (Generals in A division; Admirals in A division; Commanders in B division; and Delta Force in C division). Each team is headed by a single captain, who selects the roster, manages the team, coordinates fundraising efforts, and makes sure the year runs smoothly for their travel team.

The Travel Program is managed by the Travel Management Board (TMB) with oversight by the DCGFFL Board of Directors. The Travel Program was established to allow teams of players from the DCGFFL at large to compete at national level tournaments. The main Travel Program goal is to WIN GAY BOWL.

The TMB is made up of two representatives from each team and three unaffiliated members. Team representative are chosen after the teams have been drafted. The unaffiliated members (the U3) are selected by a popular vote by anyone that registered for the current Travel season. The Current TMB Affiliated Members are:

Amanda Livingstone (Washington Senators)

Lauren Pruitt (Washington Senators)

Levert James (DC Admirals)

Alonzo Mable (DC Admirals)

Marc Summerside (Washington Generals)

Marvin Washington (Washington Generals)

Andrew Carr (DC Commanders)

Kris Kostura (DC Commanders)

Adam Stickler (DC Delta Force)

Aaron Ross (DC Delta Force)

The current U3 members are James Roll and JC Chiuco and Steve Adamske. Joe Heron is the DCGFFL Board Liaison to the TMB. Any questions can be directed to the TMB at DCGFFLTravel@gmail.com

Important Dates……

Pride Bowl in Chicago June 28nd and 29th, 2019.. Congratulations to the Washington Senators for Winning the Women’s Division at this years Pride Bowl

Gay Bowl XVIIII in New York October 11t Through 13th, 2019