Washington D.C.
Gay Flag Football League
"Get off the bench and get in the game!"

Power Rankings

Season XV – Week 2 (Author: DMitch) - September 20, 2017

  1. Jacked O Lanterns (Orange) 2- 0:

    D. Mitch: Orange has really done a good job winning on both sides of the field.

    Inner D. Mitch:  Give Cinderella aka RJ Martin time….this team will be back to pumpkins soon enough.

  2. Zero Suit Samus (Power Blue) 2 - 0:

    D. Mitch: QB Kristin Lynch came in from Denver and is taking the league by storm.

    Inner D. Mitch:  Did she bring that non-sensical team name with her?

  3. Jordashians (Black) 2 - 0:

    D. Mitch: Captain Jordan Anderson is taking her girls on the road and snatching wigs during games.

    Inner D. Mitch: Her Jane Fonda pre-game warmups, complete with sound systems, can’t be touched either!

  4. Katniss Everqueens (Forest) :

    D. Mitch: Forest squeaked out the win.  Keep up the good work!

    Inner D. Mitch:  To Gold tho?

  5. Bananagrabbers (Power Yellow) 2 - 0:

    D. Mitch: The Monkey Crew is pushing their way into one of the league’s most feared teams.

    Inner D. Mitch: If only they could keep their banana grabbing ON the field tho….

  6. Get In My Kelly (Kelly Green) 2 - 0:

    D. Mitch:  Defense wins championships…that seems to be Kelly’s mantra.

    Inner D. Mitch:  Is it good defense or lesser of bad teams play?

  7. Whorange (Safety Orange) 2 - 1:

    D. Mitch:  As mentioned before, the Graham/Cam love affair continues on.

    Inner D. Mitch:  How long before “straight boy” Bryan inserts his Sanders into that connection?  #QTNA

  8. Diamonds in the Scruff (Graphite) 2 - 1:

    D. Mitch:  Graphite bounced back after a rough outing last week to pull out their first wins of the season.

    Inner D. Mitch:  That’s because Captain Alonzo Mable reminded his team that this is not how you win:

  9. Look What Your Baby Blue (Baby Blue) 1 - 1:

    D. Mitch: After topping Royal last week in a convincing fashion, QB Brandon Waggoner learned what the vers life was this week in the loss to Black.

    Inner D. Mitch:  I hear her paper to Prof. Strasburg this week is entitled “Started as a Bottom and Still Here”

  10. AC Slaters (Slate) 1 - 1:

    D. Mitch:  Congratulations Slate!  Way to pull out the victory at the end.

    Inner D. Mitch: Can someone tell QB D. Mitch that the point of the game is NOT to throw multiple picks to the other team??  #duh

  11. Milk Me (White) 1 - 1:

    D. Mitch:  White played a really good game on Sunday.  They just couldn’t finish it out.

    Inner D. Mitch:  Chile please!  The Atlanta Falcons’ meltdown in the Super Bowl wasn’t nearly as epic. #SHESADECOY

  12. Plums Of Steel (Purple) 1 - 1:

    D. Mitch: Purple kept in the game strong against the Banana Grabbers.

    Inner D. Mitch: I’m surprised.  I think this is the most geriatric team I’ve seen in my life.  Half of them are usually asleep by 12:45.

  13. SandJobs (Sand) 1 - 1:

    D. Mitch:  I wonder what happened to Sand on Sunday?

    Inner D. Mitch:  They played a real team.

  14. Queens of WesterHOES (Royal Blue) 1 - 2:

    D. Mitch: Which Brian Hotchkiss is back under center?  One of old, or one of new?

    Inner D. Mitch:  Was there ever any difference?

  15. Euron Gayjoys (Navy) 1 - 2:

    D. Mitch: Navy beat Teal and lost to Safety Orange.  I am not sure what to make of this team right now.

    Inner D. Mitch: I do:

  16. Green Eggs & D (Neon Green) 0 - 3:

    D. Mitch:  Alex Harvey will be playing this week against Lindsey Walton in the “Battle of the Boos” under Friday Night Lights.

    Inner D. Mitch:  The real question is:  will the rest of the team show up this (or any) week?

  17. GoldiCocks (Gold) 0 - 3:

    D. Mitch: Gold is hanging in there.  Pretty soon, they’ll have a win under their belts.

    Inner D. Mitch: Yeah….their win will be the coin toss.

  18. Buns of Teal (Teal) 0 - 2:

    D. Mitch: This team is solidly stacked.  I don’t know why they haven’t won a game yet.

    Inner D. Mitch:  Probably because QB Jim Connolly refuses to retire the Annexation of Puerto Rico from his draw in the sand plays.

  19. Red THOT Chili Peppers (Red) 0 - 2:

    D. Mitch:  Don’t worry Captain Drew Halunen.  It’s just the second week.  There’s plenty of football left.

    Inner D. Mitch:  I wonder if he realizes that his QB is Long Diep?  There’s not much football left.

  20. Pink FlamingHos (Pink) 0 - 2:

    D. Mitch:  Pink scored more than they did last week.  They’re trending in the right direction.

    Inner D. Mitch:  The right direction for them would be the bar BEFORE the game.