Washington D.C.
Gay Flag Football League
"Get off the bench and get in the game!"

Power Rankings

Season XVII – Week 4 (Author: Donald Mitchell) - October 17, 2018

  1. Biscuits and Navy (Navy) (4 - 1):

    Levert James and Ben Hunt have this team running like a well-oiled ship.  Here’s what we saw when Levert realized he has a chance in the playoffs:

  2. daffoDILFS (Power Yellow) (4 - 1):

    James Santos learned a hard lesson on what it was like to run both offense and defense simultaneously in his first game against Power Blue.  I love what he did to Crimson (and his own team at times) in the second game:

  3. Magnums (Gold) (4 - 1):

    This is probably the most volatile captain/QB pairing I’ve ever seen before.  I bet their after-game celebrations look like this:

  4. L.I.M.E. (Neon Green) (4 - 1):

    Somehow, this team managed to pull out two wins, with 6 people, and without their starting QB.  Do we have a QB controversy on our hands? Here’s what captain Jens Pifereon had to say about that:

  5. Silver Fox Holes (Silver) (3 - 1):

    I don’t understand how Silver won with Brandon Waggoner playing free safety.  When I asked him about it, he said he can throw, 

  6. Purple Parrots (Purple) (3 - 1):

    The word on the street is that Purple won’t do anything this season.  Here’s what I wanna know:

  7. Nevernudes (Power Blue) (3 - 1):

    Captain Sean Karson has his team looking good these days.  I hear this goes down at his house after each win: 

  8. Green Eggs and Cammas (Kelly Green) (3 - 2):

    Overheard a conversation between Captain TJ Baggett and QB Bill Cammas (guess which is which):

  9. Reddy, Ready, Red (Red) (3 - 2):

    You know it’s bad when Mark Summerside is catching INTs for your team.  Last Generals practice, this is what I saw:

  10. Hungter Green (Hunter Green) (3 - 2):

    Live look at Captain Clay Arnold before his team forfeited on Sunday:

  11. Doomsday PrEPpers (Columbia Blue) (2 - 2):

    Y’all started off so hot and have cooled down the last two weeks.  I hear this happened in Jeremy Steslicki’s kitchen after his game:

  12. Bringing Sexy Black (Black) (2 - 2):

    Black is ready to welcome rusher extraordinaire Trey Phillips back to the league.  Here’s what the rest of the league looks like:

  13. Crimson Ride (Crimson) (2 - 3):

    During Crimson’s game against Power Yellow, I saw Marvin’s receivers look like:

  14. Plain White Tease (White) (2 - 2):

    With the way this team looks, I’ve got another name for the Plain White Tease: 

  15. The Shock Tops (Power Orange) (1 - 4):

    Power Orange put up a good fight against Purple.  Sorry Javi and Jim:

  16. Tealbaggers (Teal) (1 - 3):

    Late breaking news:  QB Scott Graham is out for the season.  Live look at Vincent Culliver to his team before and after their games:

  17. X’s and Hoes (Royal Blue) (1 - 3):

    I see you Smiffy.  We understand:

  18. Rosé All Day! (Pink) (0 - 4):

    Live look at Alonzo Mable after realizing his QB isn’t Bryan Sanders anymore:

  19. Flamin' Hot Cheeto Dust (Orange) (0 - 4):

    This team is struggling.  Live look at each team that realizes they play Orange:

  20. Grill on Grill Action (Charcoal) (0 - 5):

    QB Roy Fillyaw went out in the first game of their Sunday doubleheader of doom…I swear I saw Stephen Tackney’s face: