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Gay Flag Football League
"Get off the bench and get in the game!"

All Hail Season XVI Champions: Raspberry! - May 21, 2018

On May 20, Raspberry, won the Season XVI Championship, first fending off Call Me Navy (27-20) and then squeaking past The Rosebuds (33-32). Congratulations to Captain Alonzo Mable and Quarterback Bryan Sanders for leading their team to victory, and special shout out to the Alonzo’s mother, Naomi Mable, who was this season’s Best Fan!


Other winners of Season XVI:

Male MVP: Mark Hofberg (QB of Columbia Blue)

Female MVP: Lindsay Walton (Royal Blue)

Outstanding Offensive Player: Vinnie DeRight (Gold)

Outstanding Defensive Player: Jordan Anderson (Kelly Green)

Legends Award: Mecha Santos (Charcoal), Scott Graham (Power Yellow), Greg Kenderdine (Power Orange)

Male Rookie: Manny Montes de Oca (Power Orange)

Female Rookie: Leah Garofalo (Columbia Blue)

Sportsperson: Kyle Veldman (Burgundy)

Golden Whistle Award: Levert James (Orange)

Best Boo: Peter LaGow, Husband of Captain Stephen Tackney (Purple)

Best Fan: Naomi Mable, Mother of Captain Alonzo Mable (Raspberry)

Best Ally: Linda Pratt (Columbia Blue)


All-Stars for Season XVI:

Absolut Division:

Adam Strasberg (Columbia Blue), Alex Harvey (Burgundy), Antonio Campanelli (Charcoal), Brendan McFarland (Gold), Bryant Burnheimer (Purple), Daniel Allen (Silver), Daniel Honeycutt (Power Orange), Edward Guerra (Silver), Eric Green (Columbia Blue), Greg Carter (Silver), James Santos (Burgundy), Jared Calfee (Gold), Jared Lucas (Burgundy), Jordan Anderson (Kelly Green), Justin Parker (Kelly Green), Manny Montes de oca (Power Orange), Mark Hofberg (Columbia Blue), Matt Cline (Power Orange), Matt Townsend (Hunter Green), Oliver Jacob (Charcoal), Paul Pham (Purple), Rob Douglas (Kelly Green), Vinny DeRight (Gold), Will Lipovsky (Hunter Green)
Honorary All-Stars: Bill Cammas (Columbia Blue), Marcus Boyce (Purple), Sean Holihan (Kelly Green)

The Dirty Goose Division: Alex Payne (Red), Alonzo Mable (Raspberry), Andy Allen (Navy), Andy Hackbarth (Pink), Andy Pratt (Power Yellow), Antwon Hines (Power Blue), Bradley Williams (Pink), Brandon Waggoner (Red), Brett Chambers (Royal Blue), Bryan Sanders (Raspberry), Chris Gillyard (Orange), Derrick Johnson (Power Yellow), Evan Binder (Power Yellow), Jeremy Steslicki (White), John Boyd (Navy), John Jimenez (Raspberry), Ken Green (Raspberry), Kevin Hamilton (Red), Kirk Yancey (Royal Blue), Levert James (Orange), Lindsey Walton (Royal Blue), Mark Summerside (Power Blue), Nolan Lazarus (Red), Sean Karson (Teal)

Honorary All-Stars: Jamar Walker (Pink), Larry Womack (Teal), TJ Baggett (Teal)


Rec League Champions (Sapphire): 

Cesar Azabache (Captain), Antwon Hines (QB), Fernando HerreraSteven LaGowStephen TackneyJohn Anthony JimenezCesar AzabacheAndrew Gordon, Brian Jones, Manny Montes de Oca, and Ty Wilson.